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Get A New Look For Your Home

Spruce up your space this season with window treatments customized to your exact windows and your exact style—and enjoy them for years to come. Now you can save on the upgrade to cordless lift, which is a safer option for homes with kids and pets.

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It's all in the


Every day we are provided the opportunity to create something beautiful.

A place you can’t wait to be a part of. A space truly inspired by you. We wish to fulfill your greatest expectations while creating your next favorite destination.

Our customers are our most valuable resource -- and that is exactly how we treat you! By providing you with products that perfectly match your taste, style and budget we expect you’ll feel the same way.

Through the years we have built our professional relationships in the same manner we build our relationships with you. Shade Smarts is honored to work with some of the greatest vendors and manufacturers in the industry - Offering you high quality materials and fabrication methods that will provide years of beauty and durability.


Sophistication & Efficiency

Graber is well known for creating efficient and sophisticated window treatment solutions for your customers. It is important for us to keep evolving and improving our products in order to meet different market needs, that is why Homes & Gardens mentioned our shades in their article about solutions on how to keep a warm kitchen. While weather can be tricky, it is important for us to create solutions that can help offer efficiency and savings to customers no matter the forecast.

Click the link to read Homes & Gardens solutions to maintain a warm kitchen.



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With handwoven fabrics that gently fold and move like a drapery, Horizons Averté Natural Fold offers a distinctive, naturally beautiful solution for large windows and patio doors. Averté Natural Fold is a perfect choice when a fully operational treatment is desired—whether it’s fully closed for privacy or stacked to the side for enjoying the view. Natural side panels create a dimensional look designed to stay stationary.


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